White Heart Tsurikawa JDM Train Handle
White Heart Tsurikawa – Train/Subway Handle
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White Heart Tsurikawa – Train/Subway Handle


White Heart Tsurikawa – Train/Subway Handle

Genuine Tsurikawa’s imported from Japan.
Quality build, tried and tested over the years, these things hold up well!
We run these on our own cars & are happy to put our name to these!

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White Heart Tsurikawa – Train/Subway Handle

When your passengers ask “Does this even drift?”, point to the Tsurikawa, and advise them to hold on.


These used to be train handles. The young Bosozoku (gangs), originally started stealing them from trains, installing them in their cars. A handy feature for extra support, when they hung out the window with a bat. This continued as an act of rebellion, and to publicly show their defiance of the law, they started to hang them on the outside. A very polite and law-abiding Bosozoku still exist today, and thousands of car enthusiasts hang the ‘Drift Ring’ on their cars, as a nod to the tradition.


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