Broadway Mirror flat 270mm
Broadway Mirror Flat 270MM

Broadway Mirror Flat 270MM


Broadway Mirror Flat 270MM

Genuine Napolex Broadway mirrors imported from Japan.
Quality products from a name you can trust.
We run these on our own cars & are happy to put our name to these!

Brand: Napolex
Product: Broadway Mirror
Variant: Flat
Size: 270MM

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Broadway Mirror Flat 270MM

See where you’ve been in the best resolution possible, ultra-wide JDM!

These wide mirrors will give you a better view of the car you just chopped, and will also help you spot the other drifter scrubbing your door. Get a Broadway for a broader view.

We have no idea how the use of wide mirrors came about. Perhaps no one does. All we know, is that they’re everywhere in Japan, and if the forward-thinking Japanese use them, it must be worth having.

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Weight0.245 kg
Dimensions35 × 11 × 5 cm


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